No More Snow Days?!

By Theresa Eru  In September, the Howard County Board of Education revealed that up to three inclement weather days can be substituted for asynchronous learning days. This decision came after the Maryland State Department of Education allowed local schools to implement asynchronous learning for inclement weather days.  According to the official Howard county website, asynchronous learning expectation will be that work must be completed … Continue reading No More Snow Days?!

Protests in Iran

When is it enough? On September 16, 2022, 22-year old Mahsa Amini died in police custody in Iran. Three days before her death, Amini was arrested by the morality police of Iran for violating Iranโ€™s conservative dress code. She was in police custody for two hours until she was transported to the Kasra hospital where she was declared brain dead. Authorities have denied beating Amini … Continue reading Protests in Iran

Midterm Elections 2022

What Outcomes to Expect On Tuesday, November 8, The United States will hold the 2022 Midterm Elections to fill the seats opening in Congress in the 2024 terms. This year, 35 senate seats and 435 House of Representatives seats will be changed, turned, and filled. Two-year House terms are coming to a close as well as some six-year senate terms, causing much anticipation within the … Continue reading Midterm Elections 2022

Rescheduled Renovations for OMHS

Since 2009, OMHS has been scheduled to receive renovations, yet, renovations have continuously been delayed. Most recently, the renovations scheduled for 2026 were delayed until 2033. On September 21, the OMHS Student Executive Board held an assembly explaining exactly what that would mean for the school, urging students to testify at the HCPSS Board of Education meeting with their perspectives. Hundreds of students signed a … Continue reading Rescheduled Renovations for OMHS

2022 Azerbaijani Illegal Invasion of Armenia

Recently, on September 12th 2022, the armed forces of Azerbaijan renewed their war with Armenia, leaving a trail of blood and death in their path. This causes a humanitarian disaster in the small caucasian country of Armenia. This conflict is not new and has its roots in the fall of the soviet union where both countries fought over the land ofย  Nagorno-Karabakh, a region legally … Continue reading 2022 Azerbaijani Illegal Invasion of Armenia