You Can’t Spell Team Without Meta

On Thursday, October 28th, 2021, Facebook announced its decision to change its name to Meta. In a video made by the company, Mark Zuckerberg gives insight into the transformation the company will be going through. Facebook is no stranger to popularity, gaining one million users by 2004 to having over three billion users in 2021. The company has become one of the most used social … Continue reading You Can’t Spell Team Without Meta

Eight Casualties at Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival

The third annual Astroworld Festival hosted by Houston rapper Travis Scott went completely out of control after his performance when fans started a crowd surge to meet the star of the show. 2021’s Astroworld festival occurred on November 5th and the events of the night left eight casualties and hundreds injured. Travis Scott is a popular artist who quickly rose to fame because of his … Continue reading Eight Casualties at Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival

Car Crash In Vegas

Henry Ruggs Ⅲ is a 22-year-old former wide receiver for the Las Vegas Raiders. On November 2nd at 3:00 am, Ruggs was driving a Chevrolet Corvette going 156 miles per hour while intoxicated. His girlfriend and mother to his 3-year-old daughter, 22-year-old Kiara Je’nai Kilgo-Washington was in the car with him. As Ruggs was driving, he crashed into the back of another vehicle and the … Continue reading Car Crash In Vegas

Protester Shot in London

On May 23rd, 27-year-old Sasha Johnson was shot in the head while attending a party in southeast London. The shooting occurred just after 3:00 am, according to police reports. CNN states that Johnson is still in critical condition. Johnson had received prior death threats relating to her large role in organizing Black Lives Matter protests in London. So far, none of these threats were found … Continue reading Protester Shot in London

Elemental Discoveries in Remnants of Destruction

Towards the end of World War II, there was a devastating creation of the Manhattan project that resulted in mass loss of life. This creation is known as the atomic bomb. The atomic bomb later went on to start a doomsday clock with more inventions of world enders such as the nuclear bomb, as well as the biggest bomb ever tested, the Tsar Bomba.  Despite … Continue reading Elemental Discoveries in Remnants of Destruction