A Message From Your Editor-in-Chief

Hi OM! My name is Kylee Hoffman. I am a senior here and this year’s Editor-in-Chief of The Scroll. I started in this program my sophomore year as a News Editor and slowly made my way to Layout Manager and now EIC. Working for The Scroll and being able to update my school community has brought me a lot of joy. What a pleasure it … Continue reading A Message From Your Editor-in-Chief

A Valentine’s Day Poem

February 14th Is a very special day Where people rendezvous To express their love in various ways Whether it is through chocolates, flowers, or candy hearts This day always tends to light a spark It is inclusive to all So why not go bigger than small? Roses, Teddy bears, or maybe create your own craft! Hangout with friends, family, or go on a date to … Continue reading A Valentine’s Day Poem