Beautiful Blackness

Although we were stripped of our culture

And stolen from our land

Even when they called us worthless

And forced us into slavery

And for years how we’ve known nothing but pain

And how we cried to the heavens for mercy

And longed for the sweetness of freedom

How our blood stained fields of white cotton

When they saw us as weak

And beat our hands that held our dreams

When we were tortured and killed

And our burning flames of life were put out

When we looked to the somber skies

And stared at the other side of a white picket fence 

When freedom only existed in our imagination

And suffering existed in reality

When you called our skin dirty

And you made jokes of our melanated beauty

How our dark skin is a problem to you

How you hate our blackness

And even through the trial and tribulations

Through thick and thin

We march forward

We look onwards

We are severing the chains that hold us 

We are fighting with every fiber of our being

Together we stand as an unshakable force

We pry open the gates of liberty

We are of black beauty

Our skin shines golden in the sun

Bravery and wisdom flows through our veins

Every curl and coil on our head has been stitched with love

We made a promise to those before us

We will never submit to you ever

We will take back what was stolen

We will win this war of hate with love

You will never destroy our beautiful blackness

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