No More Phones? New Dress Code?

Take a look at OMHS’s Newest Set of School Rules

In the beginning of each school year, students and faculty are reminded of the school policies that are in place to keep an orderly and safe learning environment. As this school year has progressed, it seems many of us have lost sight of some of those rules and strayed away from the orderly learning environment that we would all like to have.

Let’s be real here… no one really ever listens to the presentations in our Scorp Time classes, so those new rules and regulations that were presented at the start of the third quarter in Scorp Time classes were completely ignored. But do not worry, I am here to let everyone know about each and every rule so that we are all on the same page and on the way back to a wonderfully, organized, and orderly school environment! 

The first set of rules is about hallway etiquette and proper classroom behavior. Complaints, especially from teachers about classroom and hallway behavior by students, have led administration to modify current rules to make them more strict and result in a more organized school environment. 

1. No phones in the classroom 

If a student is seen with a phone, teachers are required to immediately confiscate it. The parent/guardian of the student will be required to come to the front office to get the student’s phone back. Teachers have reported an increase of students being distracted because they are on their phones. This rule will hold students accountable in the classroom and create a more focused learning environment. It also will teach students proper manners in the classroom and to be respectful of teachers and their lessons. 

2. Students need to walk in single file lines in the hallway and use inside voices.

All students can agree that walking in these hallways is a challenge and can be dangerous. To eliminate the danger and chaos of traveling between classes, cones and hallway dividers will separate the hallways in half to force single file lines and walking in an orderly fashion. Any students that cross the lane dividers, touch the cones, or that scream will be reported by hallway monitors and receive a consequence. 

3. No use of profane language

Anyone who walks down the hallway is destined to hear one or more students use profanity. This will be no more. Any student who uses profanity will immediately be sent to the principal’s office and receive a consequence. If a student is caught using profanity more than once, they could qualify for suspension. OMHS has installed new security cameras that record both audio and video throughout classrooms and hallways, enabling all students using profanity to be caught and punished.

4. Conduct cards will be issued to all students 

Conduct cards are a great way for students to be held accountable for their actions. Each time a student is caught breaking a school rule, they will receive a demerit. If a student loses their conduct card or receives four demerits, they will receive an automatic detention and a week suspension from school activities.

The next set of rules are about the dreaded school dress code. There have been many complaints from students, faculty, and parents about certain articles of clothing that have been seen around the school, and our administration wants to put a stop to it. 

1. No crop tops or shirts that show midriffs

This rule is being put in place to preserve the idea of modesty. Many of the complaints have discussed the point that there is a lack of modesty in the school because of the amount of bare skin that is shown from both male and female students, which has also been deemed as distracting for a school environment. 

2. No unnaturally colored hair 

This rule bans the option for students to color their hair a color that is not natural. Natural hair colors include brown, blonde, black, or natural red. People have reported that unnaturally colored hair is a distraction in the classroom, especially brightly colored hair. 

3. No ripped articles of clothing 

This rule does not allow any students to wear clothing that has rips or lacerations in it, whether that be jeans, leggings, or shirts. Many complaints have been raised because of ripped clothing, stating that it is immodest and inappropriate for a school environment. Also, some students have experienced bullying from wearing ripped clothes with other students making rude comments that they got their ripped jeans 50% off, raising the assumption that a student has no other option to wear clothes without rips, which is not always true.  

4. No more than one ear piercing can be worn 

Some students and faculty have raised complaints that students wearing jewelry on their face (whether that be on their nose, lips, or eyebrows) or many ear piercings is distracting within a school environment. This rule intends to help to create an appropriate school environment. 

I spoke to one of our assistant principals, Mr. McCaskill, to get an administrative perspective about these new school rules and regulations. When asked about the new dress code policy, he expressed that he is happy these rules are being put in place because they will force students to focus more on their academic responsibilities rather than theirs or someone else’s appearance, which will aid in making the classroom environment more focused. McCaskill does believe that enforcing the new phone policy will be the most difficult, but he “believe[s] in the teachers to stick to these new rules.” He also explains that he hopes that “students at OM will understand that we are trying to make the school more safe and academically friendly, therefore, changes are necessary.” It is great to have a very supportive and motivated administration that is striving for the best possible school environment! 

It is important that the entire school body is aware of these new rules so that we can work together to make OM even stronger together and a better place for everyone. If anyone has questions, comments, or concerns about these new rules, all teachers and administrators are happy to answer them!

Happy April Fool's Day!🦂

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