Spotify Wrapped & Apple Replay

This year’s music results are in! This year’s Spotify Wrapped and Apple Replay are in with all new interfaces, results, and much more. Starting off with Spotify Wrapped, a bunch of new features have been added, most notably their new listening personality that describes the user’s character. It is based on 16 personality choices where the user is given a combination of four letters. For … Continue reading Spotify Wrapped & Apple Replay

Avatar: The Way of Water 

 After 13 years the highest-grossing movie of all time finally got its sequel! Audiences were introduced to the world of Pandora back in 2009 with the release of Avatar, and after 13 years, the long-awaited sequel is here! Avatar was considered a huge game changer for CGI in movies, laying the groundwork for special effects in many blockbuster movies. The movie itself was a huge … Continue reading Avatar: The Way of Water 

The Origins of Christmas Traditions

The festive season of love and joy is spread during the month of December, but why do we celebrate it the way we do?  The biggest mystery lies behind the tree, originating in Germany during the 16th century; they were the first to start the tradition of putting up trees to celebrate the holiday. According to, it is also rumored that Martin Luther, a … Continue reading The Origins of Christmas Traditions

The Global Impact of the Ongoing War in Ukraine

Over the past year, it has been very easy to think of the war in Ukraine as a far off conflict that only impacts eastern Europe. Unfortunately, that’s just not true. The war in Ukraine has impacted many lives. Some impacts are big, some are small, but none of them are good. At the beginning of this conflict, there was a sharp increase in gas … Continue reading The Global Impact of the Ongoing War in Ukraine