Free Money for Your Education: 2023 Scholarships

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…when college acceptances and financial packets are released! College is an exciting new step in your academic journey, but it can come at a heavy cost. has reported that the average college student pays between $25,000 and $44,000 per year. That price excludes dormitory living essentials, meal plans, books, and all other expenses not covered in tuition. … Continue reading Free Money for Your Education: 2023 Scholarships

Laughing All the Way

A new era of holiday traditions at OM  There is a familiar buzz of excitement in the Oakland Mills Community as the holiday season rolls around. It is a time for cheer, family, and relaxation as many students hit the halfway mark in the school year. As families start to engage in their holiday traditions, so does our school. Throughout the years, OM has had … Continue reading Laughing All the Way

Avatar: The Way of Water 

 After 13 years the highest-grossing movie of all time finally got its sequel! Audiences were introduced to the world of Pandora back in 2009 with the release of Avatar, and after 13 years, the long-awaited sequel is here! Avatar was considered a huge game changer for CGI in movies, laying the groundwork for special effects in many blockbuster movies. The movie itself was a huge … Continue reading Avatar: The Way of Water 

There Is Nothing Like Christmas… Movies   

OM’s Nostalgic Christmas Movie Picks Remember when December would come around and you would curl up on the couch, get under a  cozy blanket, and watch hours of Christmas movies? Well, since the time of year has come around again, let’s bring back some of that nostalgia.  If there is one type of Christmas movie that always brings in the holiday cheer, it’s the claymation … Continue reading There Is Nothing Like Christmas… Movies   

New Netflix Series: Wednesday Review

A New Tim Burton Production If you were in love with the classic Addams Family movie or TV show as much as I was, then Netflix’s new show may be of interest to you. Although I was skeptical of a new take on a classic character at first, I was very surprised at how entertaining this series was. The new Netflix series Wednesday begins with … Continue reading New Netflix Series: Wednesday Review