Seasonal Depression

Seasonal depression is pretty self-explanatory, but like all mental health issues, it’s not that simple. Seasonal depression, also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (ironically acronymed as SAD) is not just “feeling blue,” it’s having a change in mood and behavior for prolonged amounts of time. The American Psychiatric Association (APA) states that it is a chemical imbalance linked with the changes of the season that … Continue reading Seasonal Depression

How To Actually Do Your New Year’s Resolution

Out with the old and in with the new; 2021 is over and people are setting their new goals for the upcoming year. But, many people set New Year’s resolutions in late December or early January and subsequently forget them by February. Most people don’t succeed in their New Year’s resolution and the largest problem many people face is simply finding the will to do … Continue reading How To Actually Do Your New Year’s Resolution

Keeping Up With Your Mental Health During The Holidays

Happy holidays! The holidays are coming up in a few short weeks, but it’s important to keep your mental health a priority. During the holidays, many people have full schedules, have recently lost a loved one, are experiencing the seasonal affective disorder, along with tons of other heavyweights on their back. While it is important to have an amazing holiday break, it’s just as important … Continue reading Keeping Up With Your Mental Health During The Holidays

Poor Conditions at Howard University

Imagine having a dead rat in your dorm, or even mold accumulating in your dorm. According to some students from Howard University, students have been fighting for better living conditions for a while now, they complained that there has been mold, rats, and even bugs during their stay.  Due to the mold being in their dorms students have gotten symptoms like watery eyes and an … Continue reading Poor Conditions at Howard University