Laughing All the Way

A new era of holiday traditions at OM  There is a familiar buzz of excitement in the Oakland Mills Community as the holiday season rolls around. It is a time for cheer, family, and relaxation as many students hit the halfway mark in the school year. As families start to engage in their holiday traditions, so does our school. Throughout the years, OM has had … Continue reading Laughing All the Way

Kwanzaa Clarification

An overview of the holiday you’ve likely heard of Every year, from December 26th to January 1st, Kwanzaa commences. The cultural holiday spans seven days, each having its meaning and purpose in allowing African-Americans and Pan-Africans to celebrate and embrace their African heritage.  Many of you may not know about Kwanzaa since it’s a reasonably new holiday, founded in 1966 by Maulana Karenga. Karenga was … Continue reading Kwanzaa Clarification

Winter Holidays from Around the World!

A look at the most widely celebrated winter holidays As winter arrives, it is easy for people to begin falling into Christmas traditions, myself included. But oftentimes we forget that there are so many different holidays to be celebrated. Regardless of how you say it-  “celebrate”, “celebrar”, “célébrer”, there is so much to celebrate this holiday season. For some, December may be the month for … Continue reading Winter Holidays from Around the World!

Winter Season Food Favs

It is winter! We are in the midst of the season full of hot cocoa and candy canes. Winter is definitely a season that makes everyone happy and full of holiday cheer! Around town, different businesses have taken this opportunity to provide more holiday cheer to the public. Companies like Little Debbie, McDonalds, and Chick Fil A have taken this opportunity to the max. Little … Continue reading Winter Season Food Favs