Winter Season Food Favs

It is winter! We are in the midst of the season full of hot cocoa and candy canes. Winter is definitely a season that makes everyone happy and full of holiday cheer! Around town, different businesses have taken this opportunity to provide more holiday cheer to the public. Companies like Little Debbie, McDonalds, and Chick Fil A have taken this opportunity to the max. Little … Continue reading Winter Season Food Favs

Love Hard: A Christmas Movie To Skip

Christmas happens to be right around the corner and a lot of Christmas films have recently been released. Grab some hot chocolate, some snacks, and get comfortable to binge watch these new holiday movies. One particular Christmas movie that has recently been released on Netflix is called Love Hard, starring Nina Dobrev. It was released on November 5th, 2021. Love Hard is like any cliche Christmas movie … Continue reading Love Hard: A Christmas Movie To Skip

Consumers and Holiday Spending

The highly anticipated day of thanks is here, stores have stocked their shelves, but there is a slight dilemma. The removal of limitations due to COVID-19 has caused an increase in spending. People have been advised to make early shopping trips as this holiday season 2 million more consumers than last year are expected to shop from Thanksgiving day through the weekend and into Cyber … Continue reading Consumers and Holiday Spending

All About Gingerbread Houses

The Christmas season is coming up! It is the time of the year in which you would want to spend quality time with your family and friends enjoying each other’s company, having a good laugh, feasting together, or even playing holiday games. At the end of November, people start planning for Christmas. For winter break, a festive and family-friendly activity you can do would be … Continue reading All About Gingerbread Houses