55-Year-Old Business Manager, Angela Kukawski, Has Died

By: Amy Dominguez If you haven’t heard lately, 55-year-old Angela Kukawski, business manager of the Kardashians and many other celebrities, has died. She was reported missing on December 22 and was found on December 23 inside of her car in Simi Valley, California. The suspect of her murder is her boyfriend, 49-year-old Jason Barker. Kukawski’s death was ruled as a homicide.  Angela Kukawski was a … Continue reading 55-Year-Old Business Manager, Angela Kukawski, Has Died

New York Fire

It’s only the start of the new year and we already have tragedies hitting us. On January 9, 2022, a 19-story Twin Parks North West building caught on fire causing many casualties, New York City’s deadliest since 1990. There were roughly around 17 victims, eight of those being children. A few weeks later the number of casualties went up to 19 individuals. Some of those who were hospitalized … Continue reading New York Fire

iPad Saves Dad and Daughter

Early on Monday, November 15, 2021, a father and daughter were found in Pennsylvania woods, thanks to an iPad and a phone. On Sunday, the 14th, 58-year-old father and 13- year-old daughter had left on a two-seat single-engine Cessna 150 from Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport in Pennsylvania. Soon after the plane had taken off, it went missing from airport surveillance radar. The wife and mother of … Continue reading iPad Saves Dad and Daughter


By: Amy Dominguez Researchers from the University of Arizona have announced on November 11, 2021, that an asteroid may be a long-lost piece of the moon. The name of this asteroid or mini-moon is Kamo’ Oalewa. Kamo’ Oalewa is a quasi-satellite meaning that it orbits around the sun, but remains close to Earth. Kamo’ Oalewa was discovered in Hawaii in 2016 by the PanSTARRS telescope. … Continue reading WATCH OUT… Or Not?