Europe Amid an Energy Crisis

How Europe Handled Winter Amid a Looming Energy Crisis At the beginning of the war in Ukraine, many western nations sanctioned Russia, banning the import of Russian natural gas. It was significant because Russian natural gas keeps European towns and businesses running. Everything from manufacturing goods to heating homes is fueled by Russian natural gas. Initially, prices spiked, but it was not anything of serious … Continue reading Europe Amid an Energy Crisis

The Global Impact of the Ongoing War in Ukraine

Over the past year, it has been very easy to think of the war in Ukraine as a far off conflict that only impacts eastern Europe. Unfortunately, that’s just not true. The war in Ukraine has impacted many lives. Some impacts are big, some are small, but none of them are good. At the beginning of this conflict, there was a sharp increase in gas … Continue reading The Global Impact of the Ongoing War in Ukraine

What’s Going on in Kazakhstan?

Earlier this year in January, the president of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, requested assistance from the Russian-led military alliance of the Collective Security Treaty Organization to calm the streets of the largest city in Kazakhstan—Almaty. The streets erupted with protests against the rise of gas prices.  These protests morphed into violence, with armed rioters and government forces fighting against each other. On January 5th and 6th, … Continue reading What’s Going on in Kazakhstan?