Things To Do In The House Over Winter Break


What Will You Be Doing Over Break?

     Winter break is approaching. Here are a few things to do if the house becomes inescapable, activities from crafts to just organizing a room. Although someone may be on break, they can get bored fairly quickly, creating time for these activities to be accomplished. For someone who celebrates a particular holiday, they might do activities to get in the spirit, while others who do not celebrate the holidays may just want something to pass the time.

     Embark on a closet-purge– If it does not fit or it has never been worn, toss it. According to, “It will be much easier to put together outfits when you can actually see everything in your closet”. Some people may have a hard time parting with clothes which is why, after they toss or donate clothing, they can go and replace them with items that fit and will be worn. This is a good opportunity to start thinking about summer– plan ahead, figure out if summer clothing should be kept or tossed. According to Madi Tsuji, a blogger on “This is a favorite activity of mine because I like hanging out with my clothes, but really: separate the clothes you never wear and donate them or sell them”. Going through clothes can be an enjoyable activity. Donating can be very helpful for others and can also make a person feel good and like they did a good thing, which they did.

     Planning for next quarter or semester can be a key. It is a fresh start and a time for a person to really focus on staying organized and keeping goals of what they want to achieve in school. The beginning of the year may have been a disaster, but now there is an opportunity to start over. If a teacher allows make-up work, clean out the school backpack and start fresh. Someone who knows that they have a book to read that is not due until after they return to school, starting early and getting it out of the way could be a good idea– that way whenever school starts, they will be ahead of what the deadline reading may be.

     Other fun activities include relaxing and catching up on shows and movies that might have been missed due to being busy and school work. Doing this can be a great way to pass the time during the day. It is also possible to find shows and movies that the student never thought he/she would be interested in. Inviting friends over to share these viewing treats will increase the enjoyment.

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