Summer Break: Three Places to Visit During Your Summer Vacation

By: Aneicea Aaron


     With school coming to a much anticipated close and summer right around the corner, it is time to start looking into places to visit during your time away from strenuous homework assignments and stress-inducing tests. Summer vacation would be the perfect time to go out of state and visit new and exciting locations. This way, you, your friends and family can experience different places all around the globe—even if you have to have a yard sale in order to go on these dream vacations.

New York, New York

     New York City is one of the most famous cities in the world. This city is filled with busy streets and beautiful sights that will leave anyone astounded. New York is home of the Empire State Building, Times Square, Statue of Liberty, Madison Square Garden and other famous landmarks. One of the most populated and well known boroughs in New York is the island of Manhattan. In Manhattan, you can visit the Empire State Building for only $26 if you are getting a standard child pass. In the Empire State Building, you can go to the highest open-air observatory in New York on the main deck or up to the 102nd floor for an amazing view of the city.

     The Statue of Liberty is another historical landmark that is a good place to visit. For $46, you are able to get a ferry to Liberty Island and visit the statue’s crown, as well as the Ellis Hospital. On the island you can visit the crown, the pedestal and the museum. The Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration provides historical insight and information about the twelve million immigrants that hoped for the American dream.

     Probably one of the most famous locations in New York City is Times Square. For free, you can walk around the beautifully lit neighborhood and experience the New York culture in the heart of its own city. There are an abundance of restaurants around the area to get any kind of meal. There are also many areas to shop for clothing or memorabilia. Broadway is a famous theatre where you can go see a play or a musical.

Los Angeles, California

     Travbuddy has named Los Angeles, California the 4th most popular city in The United States. Los Angeles is known as the center of the film and television industry. It wouldn’t be uncommon to hear of someone going to Los Angeles to fulfill their hollywood dream. Los Angeles is home of the Los Angeles Lakers, Universal Studios, Disneyland, Hollywood Walk of Fame and several other famous landmarks.

     Universal Studios is a theme park located in Universal City. It gives you a full Hollywood experience from different theme park rides and working movie studios. One of the tours you can go on is the Studio Tour, where you can go behind the scenes of the world’s largest working movie studio and experience the world’s largest 3-D experience, King Kong 360 3-D.

     Disneyland is a theme park that was built under the direct supervision of Walt Disney. In this theme park, visitors are able to go on the eighty-two attractions that are related to popular Disney characters such as Alice in Wonderland, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, and Goofy’s Sky School. There are also a AMC Downtown Disney 12 Theatres that project movies for all ages. A beautiful firework show plays above Sleeping Beauty’s castle plays at the park for fourteen minutes. Adults can spend the day at the Mandara Spa and get a massage or skin treatment. For dining, there are ninety-three restaurants to fulfill any craving.

Honolulu, Hawaii

     Honolulu is the capital of Hawaii and is known for its dining, nightlife and shopping. Honolulu is located on the island of Oahu. From beautiful beaches, tropical palm trees and five-star hotels, Honolulu would be a stunning place to visit because it features Diamond Head, Waikiki Aquarium, Manoa Falls and Magic Island Beach.

     Diamond Head is considered the world’s most recognized volcanic crater. Hikers find that walking up the 760-summit gives them an exhilarating feeling. Diamond Head is the lasting remnant of a volcanic explosion that happened about 500,000 years ago.

     The Waikiki Aquarium is the second oldest public aquarium in the United States. This aquarium has several exhibits to choose from including Amazing Adaptations, Green Sea Turtles, Hawaiian Marine Communities, Ocean Drifters and Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. The Amazing Adaptations exhibit displays fishes from the Syngnathidae family which includes seahorses, seadragons and pipefishes. These fish share unusual characteristics, such as the fact that the male fish carrying the egg during male pregnancies.

     For some, these vacation ideas may be a bit out of reach. For closer options, refer to my Spring Break article at

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