iPhone 7 and 7+: What’s actually new?



     We all know what to expect from a new iPhone: a faster processor, a better camera, and a better design. However, this year Apple came up with a few more things to prove they still have a bit of innovation left to offer. In total, there were about ten major changes that they made for the new iPhone: the design, home button, water and dust resistance, camera, the retina HD display, audio, and performance all had a major update. Some small external changes were made; such as their earbuds, wireless capability, and Apple Pay.

    The design is more sleek and glossy, thanks to their new method of manufacturing. The home button of the iPhone 7 is the same for most users, but can now become customizable in apps and can be used multi purposefully. The new water resistance feature is just as it sounds, making the phone not susceptible to moisture. Like a watch, it can be in fifty millimeters deep water. As anticipated, the camera is much better than previous models. Not only has the resolution of pictures improved, but some new features may be more appealing to up and coming photographers (such as the capability to edit pictures with professional quality). The iPhone 7+ now has a dual camera, this gives it the capability to take expert-looking pictures, meaning there is more depth in the photo. With the iPhone 7, the camera has an optical image stabilizer and high speed sensor, which helps if your hand is shaking or moving around the camera. This will allow automatic stabilization to the picture in order to get a clear and focused photograph. Another cool feature for the iPhone 7 is the low-light capture, which automatically makes photos bright and clear even in darker settings. As most people were hoping for, the front camera has been significantly improved as well, moving up its resolution to seven megapixels (MPs) rather than its previous five MPs.

    As reports of the iPhone 7+ continue to pour in, people have been skeptical about the new dual camera, like the largeness of the cameras. The stunning new addition is its telephoto lense, which gives depth to any taken picture. The purpose behind this is that it has a better optical zoom, allowing the camera to have a ten times more zoom than ever before.  

   The new retina HD display is now twenty five percent brighter and has a cinema standard display—which is nice for consumers who like to watch movies or play games on their phones.

    The audio is another aspect of the phone that people have been weary about. Although the speakers are now twice as loud as before, the earpods are really what have changed. Starting for all iPhone 7 and 7+ models, there will not be any ports for headphones built into the phones. Now, they are only adaptable through the lightning port, unlike before with the aux output. This may seem unfair, but everything is included with the iPhone at purchase: the new lightning adaptor wire for headphones and the adaptor itself for old headphones. However,this new update restricts the user  from charging the phone and playing music simultaneously, unless the speaker is compatible with bluetooth.

    The Apple Airpods are an interesting new aspect as well. They seem to be more adaptive to ears and have a new W1 chip, which is what allows consumers  to connect to most of our Apple products through the Cloud. It isn’t a complicated setup either––all the user has to do is hold the headphones close to their phone and they automatically connect. It senses when it is in the user’s ear (meaning that the user can have one Airpod in without the other and the sound adjusts itself) and has a microphone on the end of it. The nicest aspect of the Apple Airpods is that each earbud operates for about five hours, and the case that holds them have twenty four hours worth of stored battery. It can also be charged with the lightning cord.

    Last but not least is the performance. The new A10 fusion chip is obviously the most advanced chip they have. Its performance core is forty percent faster, its high efficiency core takes up ⅕ the power, and its graphics core is fifty percent faster than the A9 chip. With all of these features, the iPhone 7 gives about two more hours on average of battery life.

  While Apple holds their Keynote meeting every year, some of these features may pave the way to making more innovative changes than just this. Maybe a future iPhone will have completely wireless capabilities. All we know is that Apple isn’t as far behind from other companies than some of us thought. In fact, their new partnerships with companies like Nintendo and Beats, just may lead to even more surprises.

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