Burnt Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Electronics co. stated on October 11, 2016 that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 promotions will come to a halt after reportings of the customer’s phones caught on fire, according to the New York Times. The burnings of the Galaxy Note 7 occurred on August 2016, after people bought the phones and used them for a few days.

The problem with these burnings are stated in the New York Times,Samsung’s engineers, on a tight deadline, initially concluded the defect was caused by faulty batteries from one of the company’s suppliers.” Samsung did a recall in September 2016, which allows customers who have bought the Samsung Note 7 in August 2016 to ship in their phones from their phone companies. The new implanted batteries in the Samsung Note 7 didn’t last long. Referencing to the New York Times, “Samsung has received at least 92 reports of Note 7 batteries overheating in the United States, with twenty six reports of burns and fifty five reports of property damage, according to information posted by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission.”

After all of the phone burnings, Samsung has considered doing another recall on the Note 7s. The trustworthiness of this product has raised a lot questions and constructive criticism from experts. Conducting an interview with Elliot F. Kaye, chairman of the safety commission by the New York Times, “‘The fact that we are dealing with potentially a second recall on top of a first recall is not your normal situation and indicative of a less-than-ideal process that should have involved earlier coordination with the government.’”   

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