JROTC Report on First Semester

Oakland Mills Air Force JROTC – Department of the Air Force



During the first semester of the 2016-2017 school year, the Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps program advanced plenty. The year was kicked off with the Air Force holding a unit inspection on 04 November 2016. Unit MD-801 was rated above expectations and was assigned a new aerospace instructor, Retired Chief Master Sergeant Donald E Felch. During the inspection, Cadets Argueta, Henry, Barham, Maddon, and Neyra, Michelle were given a ribbon and award of Top Performer for the year of 16-17. After the inspection, the command staff, lead by Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Argueta, Henry, held a presentation for the inspectors. The inspector, Retired Chief Master Sergeant Betty Moldanado, was very pleased and proud of the program’s advancement. Due to the program’s high score and achievement, Olive Garden sponsored the corp a fully paid meal. During the meal, the corp commander, senior aerospace instructor, principal, and assistant principal spoke to the cadets and congratulated them.

The corp also went on many field trips during the first semester. Their first field trip, on 20 September 2016, was to the Maryland State House in Annapolis, Maryland. 40 outstanding cadets were allowed on the trip where they were admitted into the State House for a tour. During the tour, the cadets explored the first level of the house. Retired Major Roger Gauert explained the different types of art and architecture of the State House. Along with the arts, Maryland history and importance was also explained. After the tour of the State House, the cadets were permitted to walk around downtown Annapolis.

The next trip the corp went on was to the National Spy Museum in Washington DC. On 10 November 2016, another group of 40 outstanding cadets were allowed on the trip and got to explore the museum with their battle buddy. In the museum, the cadets underwent a mission where they kept their cover and underwent different hands-on activities. The most popular activity within the cadets was where they pretended to be hanging from a plane’s wheels for a full minute. They were supervised by museum staff member while many were able to complete their mission.

The Mid Year Holiday Banquet on the 22 December 2016 was one of the last activities the corp did together in the first semester. The American Legion was invited to speak and announce Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Argueta’s certificate of appreciation for reading “Flander’s Field” at the Veterans Day Parade. During the banquet many cadets were promoted to new positions, also holding new responsibilities. Cadet of the quarters for each level were also announced: AS-1 Cadet Fatig, Matthew and Cadet Ballard, D’Ayrra, AS-2 Cadet Muños, Mercedes and Cadet Gisrel, Kyle, AS-3 Cadet Neyra, Michelle and Cadet Rosenberger, Josh, and AS-4 Cadet Gahan, Ara and Cadet Barham, Maddon. Apart from the cadet of the quarter being announced, the entire top staff: Henry Argueta, Mariana Orellana, Ara Gahan, and Michelle Neyra were promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, a high officer position.
The semester was closed off with 7 cadets going to Life House Senior Center and delivering gifts from a school-wide donation drive. The senior residents received games and toiletries. Once at the senior center, Cadets Neyra, Michelle and Negrea, Elizabeth performed their clarinets and had a choir of Cadets Gahan, Ara and Joa, and Cadet Selman, Alex sing to the residents as well. Our corp commander, Cadet Argueta, Henry helped distribute gifts and talked to the senior residents.

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