The Walking Dead – A Season 7 Review

This season is a bit different from the previous ones we’ve seen. Instead of one consistent storyline told through the per- spective of the entire group, we are starting to see multiple story lines both within Alexandria and in other communities. Unlike during the Terminus storyline, everyone has a different approach to the same issue. Although, we will see the convergence of every- one later on. This was hinted to us during the mid-season nale.

Rick has never faced a foe like Negan before. Although facing the Governor and those from Terminus gave him an idea of what people are like during the apocalypse, Negan is something else entirely. He demands respect and compliance of the rules, he sets, for everyone or else they get the “iron”. But Negan is compli- cated: he seems psychologically unstable and insane, yet he cannot be de ned by his inconsistencies, he is constantly shifting from a character that we like to one that we despise. With previous adversaries, Rick had some ounce of control, and was able to ght and push through the obstacles he faced. Rick has even gone off the rails at certain points in each sea- son, but has always had a purpose for his actions and came back to what really matters, like he is in this season as well. Now he just wants to hold on to what he has and make sure there is a future for his family, especially his daughter, who he doesn’t want to lose again. With Negan, Rick is like a dog being trained by its new owner. He’s no longer the man people turn to for answers, which has brought doubt among some people, especially Spener. But unlike everyone else, Rick and the people present during the incident, watched two people in their family get beaten to death, unable to step in or prevent it from happening.

Every character in Alexandria has a different reaction to Negan. Some are submissive to him and will do whatever is necessary to survive. Others are disrespectful to Rick and his supporters because they don’t want to be held down and told what to do. The two primary protagonists in Alexandria are Carl and Rosita, who are plotting against Negan without Rick’s consent. Carl even goes as far as to hide in a truck and kill a few of the Saviors but Negan still survives. Rosita uses the only bullet she has to try and kill Negan but fails and instead, angers him so much that he kills someone in the community and takes Eugene.

The next group are those who don’t like the situation but will do what Rick asks because they know it is for the best.

The last group, and this is my favorite, is the one person who is visually showing his defiance against becoming one of Negan’s lackeys but does what he is told in order to protect his friends–this is Darryl. He is special because he knows that Glenn’s death is par- tially his fault. He is crushed and haunted by this fact, and is forcing himself to be tortured to redeem himself. And during the mid-season finale, we finally see him escape, although he has changed, everyone is ecstatic to see him and all appear ready to finally fight back as a unit.

This season is the one that will be the turning point for each character. Although much can be said about the episodes aired so
far, everything is conjecture and opinion until the season ends. Each character will either change or die when the saviors are nally taken down. I personally can’t wait to see how this season will end.

The second half of this season will return on February 12th, 2017.

Note to Reader: The Scroll does not endorse or condone any violence or otherwise inappropriate content of this television series. This review is meant to highlight the value in character choices and interactions by analyzing the series as literature.

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