Michael Gregory


“When I was little, I would go visit my grandfather every couple of months. He lived in the inner city of Baltimore in a very bad neighborhood, but he never let that stop him from being the nicest, happiest person I have ever met. Every time we visited, he would try to tell me and my sister stories but end up making himself laugh so hard he had to stop and offer us anything and everything he had, which was never very much. Even five years ago, when he found out he had pancreatic cancer he didn’t stop doing the things he loved, he ran the mechanic shop he built in his own garage decades before until he was literally unable to move. As I watched my grandfather’s body waste away, the one thing that remained constant was his sense of humor, and his desire to care for the people he loved. Because of him, I realized that your situation in life doesn’t really matter, what matters is what you choose to do with it.” – Michael Gregory, ’17

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