Halloween Makeup: The Faces That Scare and Slay

Photo credit: original artist Nicole Kuppan


     Halloween is the sixth most celebrated holiday in America according to a poll from The Guardian taken in 2017. As kids dress up as ghouls and goblins,  makeup artists create some of the sickest yet most terrifyingly beautiful faces for the holiday that celebrates the supernatural.

     As the makeup industry boomed in 2015, young adults domestically and internationally started creating blogs and channels dedicated to makeup tutorials or special effects (SFX) makeup pages. Youtube’s beauty channel views skyrocketed from around 110.4 million views in one year to a now whopping 30.3 billion views in 2016. According to the Youtube analytics team in California, beauty bloggers have expanded by 78% in accounts and subscribers. Instagram artists and YouTubers like Jordan Hanz, Morgan Shay, Nicole Kuppan, Mimi Choi, and Karolina Maria do amazing work on a daily basis. From creating disturbing bloody faces to mutilated zombie faces, the process of these looks can range from three to six hours.

     Morgan Shay, a twenty year old self-taught makeup artist from Texas, with approximately 25.8 thousand followers on her Instagram account, became famous for her tutorials on SFX makeup in 2016. Prosthetic body parts, teeth, fake blood, silicon, and contacts are some of the extra items that makeup artist Morgan Shay uses for her iconic looks. For instance, famous comic book and Halloween movie characters like Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas, Marvel comics Deadpool, and iconic horror characters like Pennywise the Clown from It, Jigsaw, and Chucky. Morgan also creates her own beautifully scary looks inspired by Disney characters like Tinker Bell and Avatar, turns them into vampy looks with glitter, a few drops of blood, and a few strokes of fabulous. Inspiring other artists to be themselves, have fun with the makeup looks you do on yourself.

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