Halloween Movies: Spooky and Scary Cinema Greats

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons


     It’s Halloween! Now is the perfect time to watch a spooky movie, whether alone or with friends. Let’s talk about the new movie that came out on Friday, October 13. Happy Death Day directed by Christopher B. Landon, is a movie about a girl named Tree Gelbman who wakes up in a college dorm. As the day goes on, she gets this eerie feeling that she has relived the day in the past. When a masked killer brutally murders her, she wakes up in the college dorm again unharmed. As the day repeats again, she gets murdered every time. Until she can find out who killed her, Tree has to live through the process. This movie was pretty good but it seemed predictable towards the end.

     One good old movie to watch on Halloween is The Grudge. Here’s a fair warning: The Grudge has this very eerie noise that will probably get stuck in your head. Nonetheless, the movie is about Matthew, his wife Jennifer, and her mother Emma who are moving to Tokyo to start a new life. Little did they know that the family would be moving into a house with supernatural occurrences in the past. The grudge is a person that has a curse that is born when someone dies of a powerful rage or extreme sorrow. Those who encounter the supernatural force die and the curse reborn again.

The Grudge is a very scary movie remake of the Japanese film Ju-on: The Grudge, so I suggest you watch this with some friends. Let’s just say my experience with this movie was not that great and it was my first time watching a scary movie.

     Another classic movie that I suggest is Psycho. This movie from the 1960s opens with Marion Crane, a real estate secretary who needs money to bail Sam (her boyfriend) out of debt so they can marry. Instead of putting her client’s money in the bank, she takes it and runs to California to give the money to Sam. While Marion is on the road, she decides to stop for the night at Bates Motel. She meets Norman Bates and eventually his mother. Afterwards, Norman and Marion have dinner that his mother is mentally ill. While talking to Norman, something inside Marion sets off where she realizes she cannot be a criminal and decides the next day to go back and return the money. To avoid spoilers, I’ve decided to cut the summary short. I usually do not watch black and white movies because they make me fall asleep (ex. I tried watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” three times, but I fell asleep each time). Overall, Psycho is a good horror movie and has a pretty good twist at the end.

     These are the movies picked for this October edition. Enjoy your Halloween movie binge and I hope that you have a safe Halloween!

Please note that all listed movies are rated PG-13 or lower by modern standards.

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