Harmful Effects of Social Media

    Although social media is so popular, it can cause many issues with people. Some of these issues include body image, exposure to inappropriate content, social affirmation, and cyber bullying. Social affirmation is when people share private information, or anything for that matter, in order to gain acceptance from their peers. Another common thing that happens is escapism. This is when people “escape” from their real world problems by going to a social media source to feel better. Addiction to social media can also bring down your motivation to work, since you always want to be on social media. Addiction to social media can also make people lazy so they begin to find shortcuts to make texting, posting, and “sharing” easier. For example, instead of saying “I’ll talk to you later” someone would text “ttyl.” Another example would be, instead of saying “I’ll be right back,” someone would text “I’ll brb” in order to respond faster and easier. This is a problem because people are becoming more lazy. They stay absorbed into their phones and less absorbed into the world around them, into their conversations, into their family.

    Being addicted to social media can also bring down your creativity levels. After seeing everything that is on social media, you always want to recreate it even if you try to put you own little spin on it. Even people’s opinions are at risk, since people tend to be more persuaded while on social media. People have been persuaded that one side is better than the other based on popularity. A way that people can cut down their social media addiction is limiting the time you spend on them. A good way to start this is to spend only an hour on social media then turning it off and spending time with your friends and family. You can also make a game out of this. Let’s say you are out eating with your friends, you can place everyone’s phone face down on the table and whoever picks theirs up first has to pay. You should always try to find new ways to hang out with your friends without having your phones involved.

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