Picking A “Side”: Fighting Colorism and Racism in the Music Industry

People of color face many problems in the music industry that have been around for decades. Some of them are stereotypes or stigmas, and since technology has evolved, people post ignorant and hateful comments on social media and the Internet. Upcoming Dominican Artist Amara La Negra blew up on VH1’s show “Love and Hip-Hop Miami” after a video clip of her with producer, Young Hollywood, stating microaggressions and calling her a “Nutella Queen” went viral online. She calls herself “Afro-Latina” (meaning she is African and Latina), and Amara has faced problems with finding a record label that would not make her change what she is. She has been called “not Black or Latin enough,” and even accused of taking melanin pills to appear “black.” However, three days after the video, she caught the attention of RGM records and signed her first major deal.

After breaking out from the Internet, Amara has gotten a platform to speak for “people like her” on her ethnicity and her culture, and she is not backing down from the hateful and ignorant comments she faces in her daily life. “Afro-Latinos have existed forever. We’re not a new thing, it just happens that no one payed us any mind,” Amara stated in an interview with People Magazine. “The message I’m trying to portray isn’t just for black women or women of color, it’s not just for them, it’s for everyone.”

Amara has had backlash for what she has  said about herself and her ethnicity. However, a few days ago she has been supported through Twitter after being interviewed by “The Breakfast Club”, which caused angered tweets to spiral online. Breakfast Club hosts Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy sat up there and told Amara La Negra that she is delusional about her real life experiences as an Afro-Latina. She was told that her experiences are only a “storyline” for reality TV and it is not real. Not only were they disrespectful, both men tried to discredit her struggles. Other artists of color in the music industry have stood on her side and helped her on social media by tagging their support for her and promoting her upcoming EP which drops in late February.


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