Top Four Ski Resorts for Maryland Residents


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Skiing, snowboarding, and winter sports are great outdoor events that are suitable for the whole family to enjoy.  There is a list below of four ski resorts within a day’s drive if you live in Maryland. Most of these resorts offer skiing, snowboarding, night activities, lessons, equipment rentals, onsite restaurants, and many more commodities.

Above is Liberty Mountain Resort, located in Carroll Valley, Pennsylvania. It is the closest resort to Maryland Residents who live around the Baltimore area.

Liberty Mountain Resort

Liberty Mountain is located just across the Maryland state line in Carroll Valley, Pennsylvania. Liberty Resort provides snowing tubing, skiing and snowboarding, and has a restaurant, bar, and an on-site hotel. Liberty provides great deals for first time-skiers and snowboarders, along with cheap rental packages. They also close the slopes at 10:00 PM, allowing for a great night skiing experience. From the Baltimore area, the drive is approximately one hour and thirty minutes.

Roundtop Mountain Resort

Roundtop is a great place for first time-skiers and snowboarders. With ten lifts and sixteen hills, Roundtop has a wide variety of beginner trails and professional trails. They also have a terrain park with many different obstacles such as jumps, super pipes, and half pipes. For beginners, they have ski and snowboard schools for first-timers. They also have an onsite restaurant and grill, sports shop, and snow tubing.

Whitetail Resort

Whitetail is located twenty-thirty minutes from Roundtop Resort. It is one of the larger local resorts, equipped with nine lifts and twenty-three trails. They also have two on-site terrain parks for both beginners and professionals. Whitetail also provides an adaptive snow sports program for children and adults with mental and physical challenges. They have a food court, restaurant and pub, and snow tubing.

Wisp Resort

Wisp is located near Deep Creek Lake and they offer year-round activities. This full service resort offers a hotel, condo, or townhouse rentals. With thirty-two different trails for people of all skills, it is a great choice for the whole family. Out of Liberty, Whitetail, and Roundtop Resort, Wisp has the cheapest lift ticket and rental prices. The resort also has outdoor ice rinks, ziplining, cross-country skiing, and a “mountain coaster,” which is basically a rider-operated roller coaster built off of one of the mountains that can operate during all four seasons.

All of these family friendly resorts are great options for anyone who lives in Maryland, especially around the Baltimore area. All are very standard and offer similar service. These resorts are great for a reasonably-priced winter day trip.

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