Trump To Paint Border Wall Black

The Trump administration is heavily considering painting over 80 miles of the US-Mexico border in Texas black. According to CNN, this could cost the U.S. up to $500 million. U.S. Customs and Border Protection predict that painting the border wall black could cost up to $1 million extra per mile constructed. 

CNN reports that last year, the Department of Homeland Security had ordered the U.S Military with painting a portion of the California border wall black to “improve the aesthetic appearance of the wall.”

The operation soon died down, however in May of 2020, an official involved told the Washington Post, “POTUS has changed his mind and now wants the fence painted.” The plan to go forward with painting the wall was set.

Due to the global pandemic, Covid-19, President Trump has had more pressing matters at hand and progress on painting the walls have screeched to a halt.

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