The dark skin woman glowed nicely underneath the moonlight, the melanin of her skin truly showing through the white light that also had a nice blue tint to it. When she walked through the streets, her body language leaked nothing but confidence and that could easily be seen. 

Her long yet slim legs peeked from underneath the silk black dress she was wearing, it was quite long and had a nice slit in the side. Even the Greek gods themselves would swear they saw a black garter belt peeking out, but it simply made the dress prettier. 

The night of Halloween always brought out the creativity in people, but this woman truly had the best creativity…but so did I. Her wings were creative, but so were my precise knife kills. Her costume looked gorgeous, but so did the blood on her skin when we were finished with our little game. 

Now the beautiful woman is not dead, of course, I could never hurt my princess, but she’s quite…intense if you ask me. On the night of Halloween, she even went on a murderous rampage…can you believe it?

No I’m just kidding. It was me, Haha. 

I simply dragged her along and made her watch as I played our fun little game, made her watch as every target made a different noise when they lost or how their face looked different afterwards. She was so happy she even started crying, I felt so proud. 

But, she tried to leave me…she tried to leave the one person who loved her the most, could you believe that? It hurt me quite a bit when she started calling me names “a psycho,” “ a monster, “ “crazy,” but…I’m not any of those things. 

Why can’t my love simply see that I was doing this for her?…the game and everything was for her…but now she can’t enjoy the game as I hoped. The game is now over.

And she lost. 

But she looked pretty while I held her heart to my chest and smiled at her with my final sentence. 

“Your heart belongs to me forever now….Princess.”

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