The iPhone 12 Series

The new Apple iPhone 12 and 12 Pro were first available for pre-order on October 16 and are now available for purchase. The iPhone 12 Pro Mini and Pro Max are available for pre-order on November 6th according to The phones range from $729 to $1,399. They are being viewed as highly controversial and are being criticized in the media because, in the past, iPhones have always come with a block, which is a box that connects the charging cable to the wall. With this new model, there is a different type of block that needs to be used with the phone and it is not even included with the purchase of the phone. 

Some new features that the phones all have include a new camera and their 5G connectivity. All of the new iPhones have these new features and most of the other features that Apple is most commonly known for: volume buttons, water resistance, charging ports, and more. 

Now let’s get into the differences between all of the new iPhone 12 models. As you can probably tell by the name, the iPhone 12 mini is smaller than the rest and weighs around 135 grams, so it is a nice, lightweight option. The iPhone 12 weighs 164 grams while the iPhone 12 Pro weighs 189g. The biggest one out of all of them is the iPhone 12 Max Pro as it weighs 338g. Many people express that the nice thing about Apple is that they really do have a phone for everyone if you like the model. 

Of course, some people like the layout of androids better so there probably won’t be an iPhone that those people would enjoy, but Apple generally comes out with phones that are very similar to each other with only slight differences like their weights and dimensions so that everyone can choose what they like best.

All of the phones have 4K video capture which many people are fans of. The new phones all have Face ID instead of the Finger Sensor that some older iPhone models have. They also come with wireless charging capabilities but Apple does not provide the wireless charger. The iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max allow users to purchase them with 512GB of storage while the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini only do up until 256GB. The iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max also have a lidar scanner which enhances photography. These are some of the features that come with the new iPhone 12 phones.

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