Missouri Deputy Reunites with Son After Deployment

Everyday some families have to say goodbye to a special someone that may be gone for months or even years. During this time in quarantine, it has been especially difficult for many military members to reunite with their families due to the pandemic. 

A video posted on Monday, November 9th, shows a car being pulled over by the local police. In that vehicle, a little boy is seated with an iPad on his lap. A statement with the post on social media read that “A deputy sheriff in Missouri, Thomas, has an emotional reunion with his family after returning from a deployment in Afghanistan.” The video shows him walking from the direction the police car is placed, on the street, to a white vehicle. Thomas states that he wanted to surprise his family by staging a traffic stop for his big reveal. 

The county sheriff’s office of Missouri announced on Facebook that “the Deputy Sheriff, Clint Thomas was able to surprise his son after his four month deployment with the U.S. Air Force in Afghanistan.” In the video, Thomas’ son is seen waving to his dad and, with joy, he leaps out of the window into his dad’s arms. 

‘’What’s up bud?’’ Thomas blurts out as he holds his son and gives him the longest hug. You can feel the love shared between both father and son.  

Click here to witness the video of the two embracing each other as cheers and laughters are being heard in the background.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzXGpKCMQz4

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