Single Father Adopts Five Siblings

Robert Carter, 29, recently became a single father of five when he took the plunge and adopted a group of siblings who were separated in the foster care system. On October 30th in Cincinnati, Ohio, Mariona (10), Robert Jr. (9), Makayla (8), Giovanni (5), and Kiontae (4), were all officially removed from the foster care system. They were all placed in a loving home with Carter where they never have to be separated from each other again.

Carter himself was placed in the foster care system at a young age. Being separated from his eight other siblings, he too knew what it was like to not be able to see your family. He says, “I know the pain of being separated too well and I could not let that happen to them.”

In December of 2018, Carter started fostering the three boys, Robert Jr., Giovanni, and Kiontae. He later learned that the three boys had two sisters who they had been away from for 6 months. Wanting to schedule a playdate, Carter reached out to Marionna and Makayla’s foster parents. “The kids saw each other and started hugging and crying and wouldn’t let go. That was the moment I said, ‘okay I’m going to take all five.’”

Carter is now working extra hard at his job as a salon owner to make enough money to buy a house and provide for his family. “My five kids are amazing. A lot of people think it’s hard if you’re by yourself or don’t have a house, but it’s a lot easier than people think it’s going to be and kids need parents whether it’s two or one.”

Here is the link to the confirmed gofundme, created by Kyle Hall, to provide monetary assistance for Carter and his family:

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