The Bright Side About Senior Year in 2020

Although this has been an unconventional year for the Class of 2021, there are still many things to look forward to in this last year of high school. Some might say that our year is ruined, but it’s honestly not. We will graduate from the last year of required schooling, and we get to do one of the most tedious and tiresome school years at home in the comfort of our beds and pajamas.

The satisfaction of high school almost being over makes me look forward to the end. We’re the only graduating class that will most likely (hopefully) experience almost a full school year of quarantine. In addition, we have received some perks, like the students that don’t have to take the SAT’s for college. Special events like graduation and prom are still uncertain, but we will make the best out of whatever comes. The beach is still open, so with any luck, we’ll still be able to have a normal senior week.

I’ve been using all this extra time to relax, and because our work has longer due dates, I can do my work at my own pace. It gives me more time to talk to colleges and do research. Sports are starting soon, so the athletes will still be having a season as well. We still have to take our senior pictures and give our senior quotes for the yearbook. For the people who like to work, you’ve probably had more time to work and make money during 2020.

Try to look at the bright side of things and you will realize that although it’s been different, it isn’t all bad.

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