Covid’s Effects on Animal Shelters

As we all know, this pandemic has affected us in many different ways, but let’s not forget about our little friends with tails and four legs. The pandemic has had major impacts on animal shelters and the animals in them. Fewer animals are getting adopted every day because people are home and don’t want to take the risk of going out. In addition, financial strains caused by the pandemic may make many families rethink whether now is the right time to add another addition to the family.

WJZ News in Baltimore says, “’Adoptions are down, and many animals need foster homes and to be cared for throughout this difficult time’… ‘Here in our adoption center, we’ve gone to appointment only so all appointments are being done virtually,’ said Jim Peirce, the Maryland SPCA’s executive director.”

Animals are in critical need of help from us, we aren’t the only ones suffering. They need foster homes and shelters need money so that they can take care of the animals they have. Animal shelters also lost a lot of fundraisers and adoption events where they make most of their funding for the animals, as well as the hope of animals being seen and adopted. Some shelters already paid for a venue, and not all places are giving people/businesses their money back from canceled events. We have to remember that not all animal shelters are big and they aren’t allowing volunteers right now, so many shelters are low on staff.

The way people are adopting animals during the pandemic is even different; you have to look for the animal you want through a picture on the shelter’s website and then fill out an application. You can’t meet your animals right now for safety reasons.

Shelters are suffering and even though we are in suffering times, we can all help in different ways. One of the most common and effective ways to help is to donate! Since they can’t hold fundraisers, shelters could use some money to help support the basic needs and care of their animals. But of course, there are other ways to help like: following your local animal shelter on social media, subscribing to their newsletter, donating old towels and blankets, fostering an animal (with parent permission), and sharing your own shelter success stories to bring awareness.

For more information, check out the pages for the local rescue center near you!: trupanion, Small Miracles Rescue, Howard County Animal Control & Adoption Center, CBS Baltimore News.

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