The Influence of Kamala Harris

For generations, women have been underestimated, undervalued, and overlooked. Women have often been put off to the side until they were needed… until now. President-Elect Joe Biden just may have set a plan in motion for women to have a say in today’s society and to be an example for everyone else in the world.

Biden chose his Vice President to be Kamala Harris. Harris will be the first woman, specifically, the first African American woman, to hold the position. At 78 years old, the oldest president to ever take the office, Biden will serve the presidential term of four years. If anything were to happen to Biden, Kamala Harris would once again break records by becoming the first-ever woman to become president of the United States. Biden has also made promises to have many positions, including his head of security, to be women. Having women speak for him and advise him sets a major example for all of our future presidents as well. Having informed women who have the opportunity to make decisions ensures that a different perspective can be voiced and considered in regards to the well-being of our nation.

According to Kendall Pierson, a female teacher at Oakland Mills High School, “it’s a step in the right direction for women, even though there still is work to be done.” I couldn’t agree more. Harris’ position is not going to solve all of the problems in our country. It would be impossible for one person to right decades of wrong; however, Kamala Harris being in office is one of the biggest steps in the right direction. 

Joe Biden’s presidential term will officially begin in January 2021, and for once, the nation – specifically women – have something to look forward to. A change in politics is on its way and it’s coming soon. Women now have a seat at the political table and little girls everywhere have a role model to look up to. There’s no going back once it happens; there won’t be a need to.  

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