A Brief Overview of Some Local Maryland Musicians

As a drummer for a couple bands in the Maryland area, I have been privileged to play alongside many extremely talented and creative musicians. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, these kinds of opportunities have become somewhat of a rarer commodity; however, this has not stopped many groups from being able to still put themselves and their art out to the world. 

The first band I will be mentioning goes by the name of “The Dead Ringers.” They are a garage rock/punk duo and have already formulated their sound with five full records, all of which were released within a small period of three years. One of the most unique things about this band is their live setup, in which their drummer stands up while playing the drum kit as well as providing some vocals. 

Secondly, there is the band “Sunrise Champion,” which has an umbrella of genres that they could be classified under but mainly shoot for a mix of psychedelic rock and punk rock. They have a shorter amount of releases but compensate with their captivating live performances. As a three-piece band, there is room for every member to contribute their style to the show and the result is a massive sound and spectacle. Sadly, they recently broke up this November after playing their last show, but they remain an integral Maryland band.

Lastly, the most chaotic and rough band in the current scene is known as the “Chromatic Bastards.” This is another three-piece group that aims to create the most chaotic and noisy soundscape that they can muster up. The band exists in the genre known as Noisecore, which is a combination of free form Harsh Noise and Metalcore. They are definitely not a group for the faint of heart, but they put on a crazy live show (in which the lead member wears a bicycle helmet with a microphone inside of it) and aim to consistently put off as many people as possible.

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