Winter Storm Gail

Winter Storm Gail brought lots of snow, rain, and sleet to the Northeast on Wednesday, a region that has not gotten much wintry weather in the past few years. In Howard County, the snowfall accumulated to around three inches, which was a higher total than usual for this time of year. Last year, Maryland received less than two inches of snow, an all time low in snow totals since records began being held.

Along with the snow, Winter Storm Gail also brought sleet to the region, leaving many icy surfaces, such as streets and sidewalks. A thin layer of ice was reported as a result of the storm, which left many smaller roads in poor conditions.

In other parts of the Northeast, the snowfall was much heavier. In Binghamton, New York, 40 inches of snow was reported, amassing almost 4 feet. Major cities such as Philadelphia reported around 3 inches, New York received 6.5 inches, and Boston saw 8.5 inches. 

For our future forecast here in Howard County, a White Christmas is looking more and more unlikely after showing up on the radar. However, we may receive some snow on Monday the 28th, just in time for New Years.

For the snow lovers out there, looking at the Farmer’s Almanac is always an interesting way to see predictions for snow and other winter weather. The Farmer’s Almanac for 2021 is predicting another snow storm, in fact a Blizzard, to hit the Northeast this winter. The timeline of this prediction is the second week of February, and this storm may bring over a foot of snow to cities ranging from Washington DC all the way to Boston, including Columbia. The Almanac is never 100% correct, but it is definitely something to fuel excitement. For more information about predicting the future forecast, you can visit the official Farmer’s Almanac website here:

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