5 Best and Worst Christmas Gifts

Christmas is a holiday centered around giving and joy, spending time with your family, and watching the snowflakes pile up on the streets. The biggest concern, however, is what gifts to give out. Here are some of the best and worst gifts to give this Christmas season.

  1. The Newest Iphone

Yes, the newest Iphone is a good gift to give someone you care about. It might be heavy on the wallet, but it comes jam-packed with features that are quite impressive. It’s great for someone you know that has an old phone that’s barely working or for someone that doesn’t have a phone at all. It’s not only a gift to someone else, but also a gift to yourself since you get bragging rights for giving the best present.

  1. A Knitted Sweater

A knitted sweater should not be a gift idea that crosses your mind. The material can be scratchy and irritating to the skin. Plus, the hours of work you put in might not get you the reaction you were going for. You’re probably only going to see the person you give it to wear it once, maybe twice, before it gets thrown into the back of their closet. If anything, buy a sweater from the store, it’s much better and it saves you time. 

  1. Hand Lotion

Hand lotion?! Are you serious? Hand lotion is probably one of the laziest gifts you could give. It’s most likely a free gift you got with an expensive purchase. Not only are you saying that the person receiving the gift has dry hands, but you will also look like you put absolutely no thought into it. It feels like you’re telling them that their skin is as dry as the Sahara desert, it’s a slap in the face and not a very memorable gift.

  1. A Painting with a Deceased Relative or Pet

It sounds a little sad, but it’s very thoughtful. Capturing a moment in time with a person or a pet that was once around is perfect. A gift like that can bring back good memories and lots of joy. You can hang it up and feel like they are there in the room with you once more. It’s heartwarming, extremely thoughtful, and overall an amazing gift. It is bound to bring some happy tears on Christmas.

  1. A Locket

Maybe this Christmas, you should give something sentimental, a locket is a good idea. A locket is something that can be passed down from generation to generation. It’s a valuable gift that holds a lot of meaning to it. It’s a nice touch to put a little picture inside it of something or someone that holds a lot of meaning. They can keep it as a good luck charm or some nice memorabilia.

Hopefully, you have some ideas of what to give and what not to give this Christmas, and even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, make sure you spend quality time with your family and friends this season. Happy Holidays!

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