Georgia Senate Election

People across the world were involved in the Georgia Senate runoff election. The candidates for the regular election were Jon Ossoff (D) and David Perdue (R). For the special election, Raphael Warnock ran for the Democratic party and Kelly Loeffler ran for the Republican party. 

Before going through the results of this election, here is a little about each candidate and the policies that they each planned to implement. Jon Ossoff is 33 years old and is from Atlanta, Georgia. He was a documentary film producer and a journalist before he decided to run for Senate. He plans to help rebuild the economy and root out corruption in the government. 

Ossoff’s opponent is 71 year old David Perdue who has been a Georgia Senator since 2015, and at one point was even the CEO of the popular shoe brand Reebok. He plans on continuing to advocate for Georgia on many committees such as the Senate Armed Services Committee. 

As for the special election, Raphael Warnock is 51 years old and from Savannah, Georgia. His campaign website says “Raphael Warnock is running for senate to fight for affordable healthcare, protect voting rights, and ensure the dignity of working people.” Warnock’s opponent was Kelly Loeffler. Loeffler is 50 years old and has been serving as the senior U.S. Senator since 2020. She also used to be the CEO of Bakkt. Loeffler co-founded the SAFE Votes Act which protects the integrity of elections. According to her website, she plans to continue to support “freedom and pro-growth policies that propel our country forward and create economic opportunities for all Americans.”

Both of these races were incredibly close; however, in both the regular and special elections, the Democratic candidate won. Jon Ossoff won against David Perdue by a little over 1% and Raphael Warnock won against Kelly Loeffler by 2%. These results are very pleasing to the Democratic party because not only are these senate seats now blue, but during the recent presidential election, Georgia turned to being a mainly Democratic state.  As of right now, the Democrats only have 48 seats in the Senate while the Republicans have 50. Because of this win for the Democrats, many people are now speculating that Georgia is slowly turning more and more Democratic, and on a larger scale, that the South is turning towards being more Democratic as well. With the close percentages of votes in this race, this Senate election proves how important voting truly is.


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