The OM Food pantry

A food pantry is a great way to help out members of a community who are in need, as well as connect with others. The idea of a food pantry is to give out items that families can take home to cook in order to make sure that no one in a community goes hungry.

We have our very own food pantry at Oakland Mills High School that has been going on for the past five years. A student who attended Oakland Mills actually started the food pantry at our school as a final project for the Independent Research course. The pantry started out very small; only a few people were volunteering until more people heard about it and came looking for assistance. Oakland Mills had gotten more volunteers to help run the panty as staff and students advertised it more widely, and we now even have a partnership with the Howard County food bank.

The food pantry benefits many of us because quality food is expensive and some people may be on a budget. People who throw food away should consider donating it to the food pantry, instead of just wasting food. The food pantry takes any food items that are non-perishable and are not expired.

Ms.Trzesinski, one of our lovely media specialists, is one of the OM teachers who has joined the OM pantry. A former teacher inspired her to join because she was often helping to get everything set up. Ms. Trzesinski was also motivated to join because she wants to help out our community as much as she can. She says that the food pantry is a great thing because it provides resources to members of the community who are experiencing food insecurity. Our food pantry is just one example of how Oakland Mills students can do things to make a very big difference in their own cOMmunity.

If you are in need, or if you know of someone in our community who is, the food pantry will be open to the public this Wednesday (1/27) from 3:00-5:00 p.m.

After this month, our upcoming dates are:

  • Wednesday, February 24
  • Wednesday, March 31
  • Wednesday, April 28

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