Madame President: A Conversation with Jordan Dumas

Adjusting to high school life can be difficult for many students coming out of middle school. But it is a completely different adjustment when you are near the finish line and on your way out the door from high school. This year’s senior class hasn’t had the normal senior experience due to Covid. Senior Class President, Jordan Dumas, spoke about how she feels about not having a typical senior year, “it was sad at first knowing I’m not going to have a senior year, but I’m dealing with it now.” As the class president, Dumas has to schedule and plan events for fundraising and senior activities. She also spoke about the increased level of difficulty being the class president during such a strange year since all the Covid guidelines are making it harder to schedule events.

Even though her senior year hasn’t gone as expected, Dumas has been a student and member of the Oakland Mills Community for the past four years. She described her time at OM as fun and she has loved getting to know more about herself and the others around her. Dumas is not only the senior class president, but also a member of BSAP (Black Student Achievement Program), SGA (Student Government Association), the cheerleading team, and the track team during her four years. Dumas is passionate about being involved in all these different communities, “I wanted to add some diversity and make more people feel included.” Her favorite experience at Oakland Mills is being a part of the Black History Month assembly in 2020, which featured videos, dances, poems, and other creative work. But the most memorable part for Dumas was when all the participants came together at the end and sung by candlelight. 

Outside of school, Dumas enjoys painting, hanging out with friends, and dancing. After high school, she plans on majoring in Dance Performance, and her dream job is to become a dance teacher. From all at the Oakland Mills community, we wish Jordan and the rest of the senior class well for the rest of the school year and beyond.

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