Meet Ms. Murphy

Ms. Murphy is one of the  Art Teachers at OMHS; she is positive, humble, and introspective. “Anything that has ever challenged me or forced change upon me has only made me stronger and wiser,” she says.

Ms. Murphy’s spirit animal is a rabbit because she considers herself to be a quiet and independent observer of life. Ms. Murphy attended Towson University for her undergraduate degree because she wanted a liberal arts experience and had other interests besides art. Ms. Murphy researched and learned that they had a well-rounded art program that offered a diverse array of Art History combined with her Foundational Art studies. Ms. Murphy has also attended the College of Notre Dame for her graduate degree because they had a Leadership in Teaching program that she was able to complete while she was teaching full-time.

 When asked what motivates her, she responded “I am motivated to see my students thrive and achieve great things and make connections with them as well.” Ms. Murphy has been teaching for 18 years and one of her biggest challenges in life has been overcoming her fear of change and getting out of her own comfort zone. “Over time I have learned that change, as well as failure in any pursuit, is an opportunity for growth or even a new path in your life. Life is always moving and changing and sometimes we must adapt to changes so that we can learn what we are really made of or even figure out what we don’t want to be anymore.” 

Outside of school, Ms. Murphy likes to do pyrography, hiking, and she also enjoys watching comedy because it helps to take life less seriously. She also enjoys period pieces on television because she enjoys history. Ms. Murphy enjoys reading poetry and any book that provides her with wisdom and insight into health, wellness, or even philosophy. She appreciates all genres and has a large collection of books because she used to work at a bookstore and had a great discount.

Ms. Murphy became an art teacher because she is passionate about art and wants to share her experiences with her students. Ms. Murphy also sees herself pursuing greater aspects of her creativity and love of learning in life in the future.  I asked her if she could paint a self-portrait, what tones and expressions would she use? She replied, “I would use a combination of earth tones and cool-toned colors with a calm demeanor as my expression.” She provides a safe place where you can ask any questions, and we are lucky to have her here at OM.

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