The Diversity Of the BSAP Liason

Mr. Brian Ringgold is the current BSAP (Black Student Achievement Program) Liaison for Oakland Mills High School. He had previously worked at Wilde Lake High School until 2016 but then moved to Oakland Mills where he still is today. He’s liked by all of the students and is a big activist and advocate for change and equality. Mr. Ringgold plays a major role in the Oakland Mills community and beyond. 

Mr. Ringgold has always been a thespian, which is ironic since his office at OM is right across from the theater room. Mr. Ringgold has had many opportunities in the acting world, with the people that he has met and the roles that he has played. You can even find Mr. Ringgold’s pre-teaching days on

Outside of his fame and fortune, the most notable thing that most students recognize Mr. Ringgold from is not only being a BSAP Liason but also being the Alpha Achiever’s advisor. This role is one of the ways that Mr. Ringgold gets involved in his community. When it comes to Alpha Achievers, Mr. Ringgold is always pushing his students for more, more, more. There’s nothing like seeing a content Ringgold after we fed our annual Thanksgiving feast to the community. Mr. Ringgold loves what he gets to do being a part of Alpha Achievers since he can directly impact the community through inspiration and action.

Mr. Ringgold always pushes for more: what more can we do in the community, how much better can we make our grades, and what can we do to make the association better? Mr. Ringgold went from Wilde Lake to Oakland Mills where he has always pushed students to better themselves. Mr. Ringgold may be the BSAP Liason, but that does not limit the people he helps by any means. Mr. Ringgold pushes his students because he wants each of us to be the best version of ourselves.

Mr. Ringgold is a major activist; one of his major focuses is the push for equality. Just last year there was a protest in Columbia, a lot of the students who were organizing the protest were either current or former students of Mr. Ringgold. Mr. Ringgold always looks for ways and encourages us to help people who are less fortunate. Equality varies from place to place in Howard County, but Mr. Ringgold noted that anywhere there are students who push for more, there is a drive for greatness. Mr. Ringgold has been a great support not only to the Oakland Mills community but to all communities and people that he comes in contact with.

Students play a major role in Mr. Ringgold‘s life. Through his students, he believes that “you can always learn something new,” especially in a community as diverse as ours. Mr. Ringgold is an avid supporter of cross-county diversity and works to provide equity whenever he can. He loves what diversity brings out of people, but most importantly, he loves that students are resilient, forgiving, as well as kind. Mr. Ringgold sees that our students want the best not only for themselves and for their school, but for the larger community, regardless of background.

One thought on “The Diversity Of the BSAP Liason

  1. I know Mr Ringgold personally and can confirm everything that has been written about him in this article. Not only is he an advid supporter of his students and community; he is a devoted Christian and family man. Congratulations on being recognized as OM’s BSAP liaison. Yours truly, Dad


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