Movies Releasing In 2021

Thunder Force (April 9, 2021) PG-13 Netflix Original — Action Adventure

Lydia reunites with her best friend Emily at her lab where she develops a genetic platform that allows ordinary people superpowers, but Lydia is curious about her lab and starts messing with her lab equipment after being told not to. She then goes to sit down but is bounded down to the chair and dosed with the only formula for super strength.

My True Fairytale (April 9, 2021) NYR — Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Ever since Angie was a little girl she had a dream that one day she would become a superhero in her very own fairytale. When she’d wake up and open her eyes, she would find herself in a new place, her wounds would heal faster, she could fly, and she could be invisible. One day Angie gets into a car accident and her dreams start to become reality.

The Unholy (April 2, 2021) PG-13 — Horror

After being visited by a mysterious being assumed to be The Virgin Mary, a young girl has gained the ability to heal the sick and perform other miracles. As soon as more and more people hear of this, they gather to witness these miracles. A journalist has gone to investigate the supposed visitation from The Virgin Mary and soon discovers that the miracles were not caused by The Virgin Mary, but by something completely different.

Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse (April 30, 2021) R — Action/Thriller

Elite Navy SEAL John Clark is attacked in his home. He fights back killing all the intruders, but soon finds out that his pregnant wife has been killed as well. Looking for revenge and filled with anger, he goes looking for the people that took everything from him. He is dangerous, he is the most effective, and there’s a part of him that won’t turn off or stop for anything. “No remorse.”

Mortal Kombat (April 16, 2021) R — Action/Fantasy

Cole is marked with a dragon that means that he has been chosen to participate in the great tournament of champions, known as Mortal Kombat. The fate of Earth is in their hands and none are willing to fail or give up no matter the cost.

Cruella (May 28, 2021) PG-13 — Comedy/Crime

In a world of opportunity, Cruella sees the world differently from everyone else. She wasn’t bothered by the opinions of others and thinks that they are scared that she will become a psycho, but she thinks that she was meant for more in her life. She is determined to make a name for herself with her fashionable designs while also being a misfit and causing trouble in this cruel world. This story is based on Disney’s 101 Dalmations.

FreenGuy (May 21, 2021) NYR — Action, Adventure, Comedy

Guy wants to experience something different than his everyday life that has no meaning. He meets a girl who tells him that he’s a video game NPC. Guy then decides to become the “Good Guy” and people in the real world hear about him, and he becomes popular. Some people aren’t too happy about this and are going to shut the game down. Guy and his new friend try to change his world so that the video game NPCs will live and the game won’t shut down.

Other movies also announced to come out in 2021 are:

Venom: Let There be Carnage (September 17, 2021) NYR — Action, Horror, Sci-Fi

Spider-Man: No Way Home (December 17, 2021) NYR — Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Black Widow (July 9, 2021) NYR — Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Space Jam: A New Legacy (July 16, 2021) PG — Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Jungle Cruise (July 30, 2021) PG —  Action, Adventure, Comedy

The Suicide Squad (August 6, 2021) — Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Candyman (August 27, 2021) R — Horror/Thriller

The Forever Purge (July 9, 2021) R — Horror, Action, Thriller, Sci-Fi

Dune (October 1, 2021) PG-13 — Action, Drama, Adventure

Fast & Furious 9 (June 25, 2021) PG-13 — Action, Adventure, Crime

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