Super M is Back and with a New Style!

Friday morning on April 9th, K-pop group, Super M, released a new music video called “We Do.” The music video came after Super M partnered with insurance company Prudential Corporation Asia to launch the “We DO Well Together” campaign. The campaign is meant to “encourage people across Asia to stay well and healthy, and have fun doing it,” according to Prudential. 

Super M has been referred to as the “Avengers of K-pop” as the group consists of members from several different groups, including: NCT, EXO, and Shinee which are all under entertainment company SM entertainment. The group debuted in 2019 in partnership with Capitol Records, a move to reach an American audience. They have even performed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show among other talk shows. 

The music video for “We Do” has an old-school vibe with sets, choreography, and outfits to match. Each scene in the music video adds to the retro theme, with shots in a laundry mat and elevator lobby. The video ends with all the members on a rooftop with a spectacular fireworks display, a good way to end the video with a blast. On the other hand, while watching the video, it was clear which members had the spotlight and which ones seemed to be sidelined. A more even distribution of who sang which parts of the song would have made the song and music video more enjoyable since the fans would have seen more of their favorite members. 

The video’s style differs greatly from the group’s other music videos. Their songs like “Jopping,” “100,” and “Tiger Inside” are all powerful and bold, whereas “We Do” is more of an uplifting, energetic song. The variety throughout Super M’s videos keeps their audience on their toes waiting to see what their next music video will look like next.

Here is the link to enjoy the video:


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