Trying Something New: GarageBand

Garageband, Apple’s music-making software, is very simple and user-friendly. I picked the software up at the Micro-Center with help from a very thorough employee named Ron, who was great. And I was almost ready to start a new hobby of creating music.

But I only had some informal training on Garageband, so I did not really know how to use it or what I was doing. All I knew was that I had this new equipment and I was interested in learning how to use it. I have always been a creative person and I was in the choir and orchestra for the majority of my life, so music has always been something that I have loved and enjoyed doing. But composing music and piecing it together was very new to me. Let’s just say I had a lot to figure out. 

When I got home from the Micro-Center, I set all of the equipment up with the help of my brother and father. I dove right into it and started exploring all of the different sounds and voice settings. The best part was adding a mini keyboard that I had to the mix. I got to explore the synth pad setting and all of the drum sample pads. I was having a blast; this was quite possibly the most fun I’ve had since quarantine. 

Now that I have gone through the music-making process, I am beginning to listen to music differently. I now hear each instrument and think about how many times it may have taken the artist to record it before it was perfect. It takes a level of vulnerability to put your heart and pain out there in the form of musical expression. I have begun to practice musical mindfulness, and I wish I had done this sooner. 

I would 100% recommend trying Garageband if you are a music lover. My brother, a musically talented individual, says that “Garageband is very useful and very underestimated… It has a wide range of uses and is worth a lot more than the price.” GarageBand comes free with any Apple device, which is very convenient. 

I would suggest that you just make what you want and do not compare your art with others. Art is personal and everyone has their own sound. I would also suggest that you go to the Micro-Center in Rockville and speak to Ron, he gave us amazing help and suggested cheaper alternatives for first-time musicians.

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