Wallace World: What’s Been Up With Mr. Wallace? 

For those of you who don’t know Mr. Bryan Wallace, I can tell you firsthand, that this educator, father, administrator, rapper, and pillar in the Oakland Mills community will always be remembered for the great things he’s done. Mr. Wallace was an assistant principal at OM for many years, and he helped students realize their life goals and deescalated many situations. Sadly, as of last year, Mr. Wallace had to leave Oakland Mills for new opportunities, and he now currently works at Waterloo Middle School. I took time to check in with Mr. Wallace to see what has he been up to since leaving OM.

Mr. Wallace is adjusting rather well to his new school, but he also noted the trials and tribulations of any new situation. “I’m new, not a lot of people know me. The new setting and a pandemic made connecting with the students twice as hard.” Freshmen can probably relate to Mr. Wallace’s challenges the most due to the fact that they came into a new school without knowing anyone or where anything was. Some of the challenges that Mr. Wallace noted were matters of establishment that he had already laid the foundation for. At OM, everybody knew his name, but now, he has had to adapt to an entirely new environment.

Mr. Wallace has some specific advice for students in each grade level.

For the freshman, Mr. Wallace said to get involved as well as to be yourself. He also said to not shut off an opportunity that can shape you. 

For the sophomores, Mr. Wallace understands the ending of your freshman year, but he urges you to double down on your grades as well as classes to get ready to roll. He also believes you should establish good academic habits because it’s really important during the 10th grade year that you stay on top of your responsibilities and schoolwork.

For the junior class, Mr. Wallace noted to stay focused and not to stress yourself out in regard to finding your next steps, the type of person you want to be, or the career you would like to pursue.

Last, but certainly not least, Mr. Wallace’s advice for the seniors is to cherish every last moment. Don’t compare yourself or your year to previous years and what you saw previous classes before you do because you’re going to go into a self-pity mode of what could have been. Take advantage of what you have. Mr. Wallace further went on to note that you are blessed and you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Although we all miss Mr. Wallace at OM, it is reassuring to hear that he is happy and successful in his new placement.

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