Protester Shot in London

On May 23rd, 27-year-old Sasha Johnson was shot in the head while attending a party in southeast London. The shooting occurred just after 3:00 am, according to police reports. CNN states that Johnson is still in critical condition. Johnson had received prior death threats relating to her large role in organizing Black Lives Matter protests in London. So far, none of these threats were found credible in her most recent shooting, sources say that Johnson may not have even been the intended target.

Johnson is also the leader of the Taking the Initiative Party, which is very focused on anti-racism and making a bigger difference in the world. The party strives for widespread empowerment and equality in Britain. Black lead political parties are uncommon, so her political party is a big deal in the United Kingdom. She is also described as a strong and leading member of her community.

On June 7th, Johnson’s mother and the police asked for the public’s help figuring out what happened on the night of the shooting. So far, none of the 30 partygoers have come forward to speak with police.

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