Olivia Rodrigo VS BTS

Olivia Rodrigo’s album Sour and BTS’s single “Butter” are competing for the No.1 spot on Billboard Charts. ARMYS, BTS’ Fandom’s name, are accusing Spotify of filtering Spotify Streams for “Butter.”

Olivia Rodrigo, star of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, recently released her debut album called Sour. On the same day, she released her album, BTS, a Grammy Nominated Korean Pop group, also released their single called “Butter.” On Sunday, May 30th, Sour opened up the week at No.1 on the Billboard 200 chart, according to MRC Data. 

“Butter” debuted at No.2 on the Japan Hot 100, according to Billboard. BTS broke the Guinness World Record and their own previous records (set by last year’s single, “Dynamite,”) with their music video “Butter” for the most viewers on a premiere video on Youtube. The premiere music video in the first 24 hours had 108.2 million views and 3.9 million peak concurrent views. They also broke records on Spotify; on release day, they recorded 20.9 million global streams. 

The hashtag #InvestigatingSpotify had been trending worldwide. BTS’s fans are claiming Spotify has been filtering out their streams of “Butter.” According to Columbia Records, on release day, BTS had 20.9 million unfiltered global streams and 11.042 million filtered streams. Fans shared their displeasure with Spotify using the hashtag on Twitter. 

47% of the streams were not counted for “Butter” while 38% were not counted for “Dynamite,” according to the data found in BHF Data Analytics. A fan emailed Spotify with concerns over this, and Spotify replied. “Hey there! In order to avoid manipulation, we’re unable to share this info. However, we have steps in place to make sure all streams are legitimate. If you’d like to support your favorite artist, we recommend listening to the whole track. We hope this clears things up,” posted @TEARHOYYA. This statement apparently enraged fans even more. 

ARMYS took this matter into their own hands and contacted the Executive Vice President, Peter Gray, at Columbia Records, according to AllKpop. Gray responded saying they are having “high level conversations with all streaming services about filtering rules.” He also told the Army to “Hang in there and keep up the amazing work.” Account @chartbangtan, shared the screenshot on Twitter. Columbia Records is getting down to business to find the reason why Army’s streams are being filtered by Spotify.

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