Back Already Ms. Ryan!

Biology’s Newest Special Educator

Say “hello!” to another new and amazing teacher, Ms. Ryan! Ms. Ryan was born in Annapolis, Maryland. She grew up in Bowie, Maryland, which is close to Washington, D.C. until she reached the 7th grade. She now lives in Old Ellicott City with her three children, a dog and a cat. Ms. Ryan studied vocal music and was trained in singing classical and opera music. After graduating from the Baltimore School for the Arts, she decided that she wanted to pursue another path in life.

One of her science teachers while at the School for the Arts inspired her to be a teacher. Ms.Ryan did not see her science teacher only as a teacher, but also as a friend, and one who always encouraged her to do her best, no matter what she wanted to pursue after graduation.

After finishing her undergraduate degree at the University of Maryland at College Park, Ms. Ryan began teaching in many places around the United States; Long Island, NY and New Mexico just to name a few. This is when she realized that she loved teaching. She went on to complete her Masters Degree at Johns Hopkins University.

Ms.Ryan taught in the ALS Program here at OMHS last year and is now working in the classroom as a Biology Special Education teacher. She has been teaching for 25 years. She began her teaching career teaching in Baltimore City and then taught in Baltimore County. Finally she ended up here in Howard County, where she has been teaching in the Howard County Public School System for 15 years. This is her 2nd year here at OMHS.

Outside of teaching, Ms. Ryan has a lot of hobbies. She loves any outdoor activities such as hiking, gardening, sports and cycling. She also enjoys working out. Her ideal vacation would be one that is relaxing and allows her to take a break from technology. She still loves to sing. Ms Ryan is very funny. Many people have told her that she should be a stand up comedian. Ms. Ryan describes herself as friendly, hardworking and a team player.

Ms. Ryan enjoys listening to Chill House Radio on Pandora. Ms. Ryan is not a big reader, however she likes to read nonfiction books, books about history, and books about science.

Ms. Ryan feels very strongly about building strong, positive relationships with the students she teaches, parents, fellow colleagues, and the community. She loves being here at OMHS. She said it does feel like home! We are so lucky to have another great teacher join our OMHS staff. So, welcome hOMe, Ms. Ryan!

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