Meet Mrs. Yavo 

“Every kid is one caring adult away from a successful story.” As Mrs. Yavo would say.

“I think I am nice, empathetic, sympathetic, cute, inspirational, spiritual, motivating, fun to be around, and caring. I try to be an all around good person. I want a person to leave my presence better than when they came.”

Mrs. Yavo was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Both of their  parents migrated to the USA from Haiti. Outside of school they live with their husband, both parents, two sons, and two birds. They stay busy with their family, and love to take adventures with their family. And this past summer she and her family were in West Africa. When Mrs. Yavo was younger, They originally wanted to be a Physician’s Assistant.

Mrs. Yavo is one of the many new teachers at Oakland Mills this year; and she already feels welcomed.”Yes! The students have been great.I love that the staff is a family. Everyone is interested in your wellbeing. Together we are Stronger!”

Here at OM Mrs. Yavo teaches Advanced Physical Science, but she has also taught Biology, Human Anatomy, Environmental science, Physical Science, and Earth & Space Science. What drives Mrs. Yavo to teach all these things is the ability to inspire and motivate young people. 

The reason that she became a teacher is because when they were working as a home residential manager for adults with disabilities as well as with an agency called Parent to Parent of Georgia (they helped new parents that have babies with disabilities). They decided that they wanted to join the teaching force to possibly make a difference in the futures for students with disabilities. 

Mrs. Yavo’s  advice to a struggling student is to never give up! Any little thing that you do is an advancement. Always remember that you are a student which means that you don’t already know the material so ask all the questions and get all the assistance that is available to you. Talk to someone because we have all been through some type of struggle. 

She started teaching in 2005. This is their 18th year teaching. When asked what their opinion on Oakland Mills Highschool was they replied with “I like it. I have two cousins and a few family friends who graduated from here. This population of students is very similar to the population I taught in PG County for 9 years. I can relate with them.” So far teaching at Oakland Mills has taught them. They need to continue to be patient and build relationships with their students. “You can’t teach them if they don’t know you care.” Mrs. Yavo says. 

Mrs. Yavo wants students to understand that life is hard but it is all about the decisions you make to deal with situations. She wants them to “make their haters their motivators”. “They need to know that with an education and drive they will always be able to succeed. “Always treat everyone how you want your mother treated.”

An obstacle she faces when teaching is that many times students are dealing with issues that take away their drive, esteem, and intrinsic motivation. They are dealing with real problems that she couldn’t imagine having to deal with in High School. 

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