No More Snow Days?!

By Theresa Eru

 In September, the Howard County Board of Education revealed that up to three inclement weather days can be substituted for asynchronous learning days. This decision came after the Maryland State Department of Education allowed local schools to implement asynchronous learning for inclement weather days. 

According to the official Howard county website, asynchronous learning expectation will be that work must be completed and turned in exchange for their attendance. As for special education students, they will also be provided with asynchronous assignments that will accommodate them.

As for HCPSS staff, they will have responsibilities to uphold depending on the level they teach. Some of those responsibilities include surveying families to see which student will need hard copies of asynchronous assignments, posting assignments within 2 hours after the beginning of the regular start time for students, and teaching a continuation of current content and not new topics. 

All there is to do is sit and wait for inclement weather days to see how asynchronous learning will pan out. 

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