What’s going on with UK Prime Ministers?

3 PMs in just 4 months

Over the past four months, the United Kingdom (UK) has seen several Prime Ministers come and go, starting with Boris Johnson leaving under pressure from sexual assault allegations made against his cabinet. The allegations detail how a senior member of Johnson’s government, Chris Pincher, had inappropriately groped two men. After this, Pincher resigned on the 1st of July and shortly after, on the 7th of July, Boris Johnson resigned as Prime Minister of the UK.

Since Boris Johnson resigned on such short notice, there was a period of time where the UK had no Prime Minister. This left the British public in shock and confusion while a new Prime Minister was chosen. The proceeding election saw the Conservative candidate for Prime Minister, Liz Truss, take up the office.

Liz Truss was not the only candidate for Prime Minister from the Conservative party. Rishi Sunak, another high ranking member of the Conservative party, was on the board for Prime Minister. Though he didn’t get to be Prime Minister initially, he would in the end.

Although being handed the most important role in UK politics, Liz Truss resigned after just a little over one month in office on October 24th, attributing her resignation to her record unpopularity among the British public. Liz Truss was put in hot water when it was remembered that she spent her early political career advocating for the end of the British Monarchy. Despite this, after the death of Queen Elizabeth, she seemed to become an ally of the monarchy, showing that she was willing to change her standpoints to benefit her image with the public. She also attempted to embody Margaret Thatcher’s ideals and be the next “Iron Lady,” another controversial British Prime Minister.

With Truss gone, Rishi Sunak took up the role of Prime Minister and has already fired up the British public with controversial statements and ideas. It is unknown at this time how long Rishi Sunak will be able to keep his Prime Minister status, but at the rate things are going, he may end up like Truss and Johnson before him, ending his Prime Ministership in scandal.

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