Allied Soccer at Oakland Mills

Allied soccer is an organization for students with disabilities to practice and play soccer games against other schools in Howard County. It is a great opportunity for the students to engage with others and have their own fun and games. The season starts after Labor Day and runs until the end of October. Students do not need to try out; they will automatically make it on to the co-ed team, which means that both boys and girls play together. This is a great chance for the students to learn how to play the game of soccer and make new friends at other schools. 

What is Allied Soccer like here at Oakland Mills? The students who decide to play will have a uniform with the colors orange and white, to represent OM. They practice multiple times a week and have games throughout the season as well. Allied soccer is played on the turf, and they play on only one third of the football field. There are three coaches total, including the head coach Ms. Pickett and the assistant coach Mr. Gabriel. They are great staff members and coaches who taught these students how to do amazing things this season. According to Coach Pickett, “Allied soccer is a great opportunity for students with and without disabilities to be part of a team, and learn the value of working together.” 

During the fall 2022-2023 season, the team won three games, lost two games, and ended up tying two games. Allied Soccer does not have playoffs, but instead has a County Cup. A County Cup is where all the schools go to play against each other. There are five games in total, each game is ten minutes long. In the County Cup there are no wins or losses, everyone wins! 

One of the players this season was Philip Dompereh. He is a sophomore who has played since his freshman year, and he will continue playing in his junior year. He practiced every day after school and played two games each week. He had a lot on his plate to do, but still got through it! According to Philip, the easiest school to play against for him was Hammond High School, and the most challenging was Marriotts Ridge High School. 

All of the students did an amazing job this year, and will continue to get better next year with the help of Ms. Pickett and Mr. Gabriel. Great season, Allied Soccer!

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